River Spey

The River Spey is a world renowned salmon river. It is also one of the best sea trout rivers in the British Isles. The best of the salmon fishing, often expensive and much sought after, is to be found on the lower fifty miles of the river below Grantown on Spey. Understandably, the superb salmon fishing on the lower river takes priority over the sea trout fishing. Happily, the best of the sea trout fishing is to be had upstream of Grantown, on the twenty miles of the upper middle river between Grantown on Spey and Aviemore, where much of the best of the fishing is available to visiting anglers through two Spey Angling Associations, with an additional beat of about three miles in length available for private let at Kinchurdy, not far above Boat of Garten.

A nice sea trout from the Association water
A nice seven pounder from the Association water

In past decades, this twenty miles of river would see an annual recorded catch of anything up to 2000 sea trout. Catches have declined in recent years, not least I suspect because of the apparent general loss of interest in night fishing and the consequent fall in the number of visiting sea trout anglers. The Spey, however, can still provide excellent sea trout sport for those prepared to fish through the short summer nights.

Spey Angling Association Waters