River Earn

The River Earn flows eastwards from Loch Earn to join the Tay estuary just south of Perth. It is joined by several tributaries on its way, most notably the Water of Ruchill, which is one of the few tributaries unaffected by either Hydro-electric schemes or water extraction. The Earn is an attractive medium sized river offering trout, grayling, sea trout and salmon fishing throughout its length, some through fishing clubs like those in Crieff, Comrie, Auchterarder and Dunning.

Access, however, to the salmon and sea trout fishing on the Earn is far from straightforward, with around 40 riparian owners throughout its length. The Earn has a late salmon run, mainly in September and October. Sea trout are worth pursuing from May onwards, although numbers have declined in recent seasons. A normal year would now see in the region of 600 sea trout caught throughout the river and a similar number of salmon. The graphs below, although not quite up to date, give an idea of expected catches.



Grayling fishing can be had throughout the river from November to January, on both club water and estate water. Permits are available to visitors for the stretches managed by the Comrie Angling Club and Crieff Angling Club.  Dupplin Estates at Forteviot issue trout and grayling permits. Permits are also available for trout salmon and grayling fishing at Kinkell Bridge, near Auchterarder.