Sea Trout Fishing in Scotland

A look back over half a lifetime of nights spent in search of sea trout on Scottish rivers

Since that first illicit sea trout caught fifty years ago in the half light of a west highland summer night on a river that was once the best in the world, I have been well and truly hooked on sea trout, more specifically on sea trout night fishing. For, through the summer months of June, July and into August, it is at night, during the hours of darkness, that we have our best chance of catching sea trout. As Falkus puts it, “sea trout night fly fishing represents the very cream of sport”. There is nothing quite like it. A sea trout caught during daylight hours is just not the same and I have seldom set out to catch them before sunset. My nocturnal quest has taken me to the most magical of places and left me with a rich memory bank of unforgettable summer nights spent on sea trout rivers. Here are just a few of them taken from my journal.

                                                                                              THE SEA TROUT

    Home from the sea the rapid run     

      Home to the redd the journey done      

   To lie and wait by light of day       

    To stir and wake as green turns grey     

One of eight Spey sea trout taken in two hours fishing on a Needle Tube Fly, 23rd June, 2014

The menu to the right/below lists a selection of extracts from my fishing journal relating a few of my more memorable nights spent chasing sea trout, for the most part on Scottish rivers such as the Endrick, Earn, Border Esk, Allan and Spey. I have also included pages giving some information about the sea trout fishing opportunities on some of those rivers. I hope they will be of interest.

John Gray